Micro-pigmentation: Quebec Centres Helping Address Effects of Medical Conditions

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Generic BrochuresThe boom in the demand for permanent makeup means that many more salons and spas in Quebec are offering the service. But many micro-pigmentation centres in the province also specialize in helping clients with medical conditions. This article will outline some of the conditions that may be helped by micro-pigmentation.
  • Vitlingo Clients with vitlingo or hypo-pigmentation experience pigment loss, leaving some with "blotchy” skin. Carefully applied pigment can help to even out skin tone, normalizing the appearance of the skin.
  • Breast Reconstruction - Post-mastectomy patients often choose to reconstruct the breast. Micro-pigmentation can create the appearance of an areola, lending the reconstruction authenticity.
  • Chemotherapy Effects One of the major side-effects of chemotherapy is hair loss. Natural looking permanent eyebrows can help to minimize the impact of this type of hair loss.
  • Burn and Post-Operative Scarring With advances in computer tattoo technology, many scars can be camouflaged by micro-pigmentation. Although not all scar tissue is eligible for this procedure, many patients can be helped by it.
  • Hair Transplant Hairlines Often small scars at the hairline spoil the appearance of a hair transplant. Micro-pigmentation can most often help to cover these scars and make the hairline look natural.
  • Alopecia This disease, which causes bodily hair loss, can lead to the loss of eyebrow and eyelash hair. Permanent eyebrows can be applied, and eyeliner on both lids will help to "frame” the eye and give sufferers a more natural appearance.
If you think micro-pigmentation could help alleviate the effects of your medical condition, talk to technicians in the Quebec area. A professional who has some medical background or training may be the best match for your needs. Make sure the centre you choose uses a digitally controlled computer tattoo machine, which is faster and more effective on damaged skin. Also ensure that the centre uses an autoclave for sterilization, ensuring proper hygiene.
The Quebec area boasts several certified micro-pigmentation specialists. Explore your options today.
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